Nexus 5 bike case

Yesterday's afternoon I returned to the rides since... let's say about last September, when it was usual for me pick up the bike to go -at least - at work.

When I got home my body felt the need to go out and get a bunch of fresh air. As I've said before in Endomondo, yesterday's was not the day to focus on distance, times or speed rate. I took the bike just for fun.

The other argument I had in mind was to test the Nexus 5 bike case my friends gave me on last birthday. And it worked like a charm!. I had to adjust the case and when I thought it was ok I started the ride. To be honest firsts meters was more focused on the case than the road, but when I realize it was safe enough I started to enjoy the ride.

The case is great, at least for an amateur like me. I really love I can put the phone in the position I want, just for see the display info or to grab some pics/videos. I've attached a couple of videos that I've grabbed yesterday and, as far as I know the phone's camera has no stabilizer or something like that, so when the road was rude it shakes the case a bit, as expected.

I promise I'll take more photos of the case to attach in this post, yesterday was too excited to think about the blog.


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