Why I'm not updating my endomondo account anymore

My last Endomondo workout was about March, and since middle of January it was harder to me to upload the workouts because I'm a Fitbit Charge HR user now, so to update the data at Endomondo I had to enter fitbit network, pick up the data and grab a couple of pics of the graphs, go to Endomondo and manually add the workout filling all the data and uploading the pics. So hard. And on the other hand I have the wristband synchronizing itself with no interaction from me. Of course lazy mode wins.

But appart from that I've another bunch of reasons to not upgrade my Endomondo account anymore:

  • Changes on UI/privacy: Last changes they made were not so lucky, at least from my point of view, javascript was broken, I was no longer available to upload pics directly from the mobile app, descriptions are not appearing as before, front page is limited to 5 pics per workout...
  • Battery drainer: The Android mobile app (dunno the iOS one too) is a battery drainer. Once is used and closed (well, in the way Android Apps are closed) - dunno why - it stills consuming battery. Noticed a better battery performance once I've uninstalled it, take in account that it's not a objective viewpoint, obviously the battery must have a better performance if you're not using the app (gps, camera, whatever that does in background) every day for about 1 hour.
  • Can't import/export data from one to other: Well, in fact I can't remember if this is a problem related to Endomondo or Fitbit, but the data export/import tool between these networks are not compatible. I was using thealre only available option, a .tcx file, that Endomondo is not able to read. And once I get used to the "automagic" Fitbit stuff, don't want to enter the data manually every time.
  • The real fun is not track all the data: I was a bit obsessed with the data, times, rest periods, reps, exercises, weight, food... all that fitness stuff. Now I'm not - and I say now because dunno how it will be in the future - because, dunno, my time is a bit limited. I just go to have fun with the irons, that's all. It's ok with me to keep track of the days (something like a calendar or similar), but I realized I'm mostly ignoring all the other data.
  • Too much run/bike stuff, not oriented to fitness: That's other problem of this kind of networks (strava, endomondo...), they're mainly focused to runners/bikers, Not the idea I have of a fitness network so, in the end - at least for me - Fitbit's one fits better with my kind of activities.

But then... why don't just close the account? Well, I still have friends tracking activities over there, so it's fine with me to keep the way to enter and send kudos/likes/whatever, see pictures and have fun from time to time.


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